J. Bruce Harkness, Sr.

Auto Accident Specialist


With candid candid expertise and profound 


Bruce Harkness has been practicing law since 1997, the year he graduated from John Marshall Law School.

Prior to his obtaining his Law degree, he worked for Farm Bureau Insurance in addition to working for Habersham County School System as a high school History teacher. He also has previously served as a city councilman in his home town of Demorest. 



Bruce Harkness focuses on 2 areas of practice in law: 


1) personal injury


2) wrongful death.



Mr. Harkness founded The Harkness Law Firm in 1997, at his home office located in Demorest, Georgia. He then went on to open an additional office in Toccoa, Georgia.


This year, The Harkness Law Firm is proud to announce that it has been expanding the location of the firm with the building and opening of a new office location in the city of  Brunswick, Georgia.


Bruce was born and raised in the city of Brunswick and is honored to have an opportunity to better serve and assist those residing in Brunswick as well as assisting and providing legal consultation to residents and future clients in the surrounding areas. 



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